Commercial Real Estate Investment Services

We provide investment and acquisition services in the areas of industrial, office, retail, multi-family, and land.

Commercial Real Estate Investment Services

Summerhill Commercial Real Estate provides expert guidance in working with our customers in selling their investment property or identifying, and acquiring, commercial real estate investment property.

Our objective is to meet or exceed your acquisition or investment expectations when selling or investing in real estate. We also believe commercial real estate is an excellent long term investment.

We use our extensive relationships and market knowledge to identify investment, acquisition, and development opportunities for our clients as well as to recommend pricing when listing their investment property, or properties, for sale. On the acquisition side, once a property is identified for investment, acquisition, or development, we apply our experience and expertise to accurately assemble a project proforma analysis. The project proforma is the basis for deciding to go forward or not. For investment sale properties, we are able to apply our deep market knowledge and experience to come up with a sale strategy that maximizes value based on sound recommendations.

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  • Locating Investment Grade Commercial Real Estate.
  • Selling an Investment Property
  • Placing 1031 Exchange Proceeds
  • Project Proforma Analyses
  • Leasing Assistance
  • Development Services
  • Construction Expertise

Our goal is to create the highest possible level of return for our clients based on a realistic assessment of the marketplace conditions. Once a project moves forward, we provide our clients with a full service approach to bring the project to its successful conclusion.

Our goal is to create successful projects through hard work, creativity, and value engineering.

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