A Guide to Different Types of Office Spaces


If there’s one place other than your home where you spend most of your day, it’s your office! Office spaces come in various sizes, shapes and classes. With the variety of office spaces available, it can be difficult to make the perfect choice. However, when searching for an office space, you need to evaluate your different options to choose the best one to suit your needs and requirements.

Without further ado, here are a few different types of office spaces that you can consider.

Traditional Office Space

The most basic type of office layout is the – traditional office space. This type of space is most suitable for businesses offering financial services, such as hedge funds, banks, or law firms. This is mainly because the classic layout of this office provides employees with peace, quiet and private areas where they can focus on their work. A traditional office space typically entails a reception, bullpen, boardroom, and private offices.

If you are looking to lease a traditional office space, you need to know that it typically requires a multi-year lease, ranging from at least 3-5 years. Therefore, this classic office space is only a good option for you, if you are planning to stay in the office space for a long time.

Creative Office Space

Another type of office space that is becoming popular by the day is a creative office space. A creative space layout is meant to encourage and enhance teamwork and collaboration. Generally, you will notice that many start-up firms, advertising agencies, and creative agencies focus on adopting this type of layout.

This office space typically entails a few barriers and are often, highly transparent. Moreover, creative spaces are tailored to be more space-efficient and usually have an open-plan layout. These spaces focus on having more tables for their employees rather than cubicles. Even though creative office spaces differ in style, color, themes, etc, however, there are a few common traits that they all share. For instance, creative office spaces usually have wooden floors, large windows, high ceilings, fewer walls and wet pantries.

Contiguous Office Space

A contiguous office space entails multiple suites that are combined on the same floor of a building. This entire floor is mostly rented out to a single tenant. For instance, a business could lease more than one floor in a building according to their requirement. A contiguous office space is typically leased by large businesses that require multiple workplaces or offices for the different departments of their business.

Coworking Space

Another office space that has seen to gain popularity over time is the co-working space. This type of office space aims to offer flexibility to small businesses that are commencing their operations or are at their initial stage. Start-ups and small companies that require a workspace can rent a number of desks as per their need.

A co-working space includes break and meeting rooms. Moreover, these spaces also have shared amenities appliances. The purpose of leasing a co-working space is to encourage collaboration and communication while keeping costs super-low.

Executive Suites

An executive suite is as classy and as good as an office space can get! It is basically a fully serviced and furnished office space meant for lucrative businesses. The lease of an executive suite is pretty lenient as you can either get a monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or yearly sublet. Moreover, an executive suite is already pre-wired for internet and phone services.

If you’re not sure which one of the different types of office spaces is best for your company, you don’t need to worry. You can simply start by analyzing your company’s size, budget, culture, and growth plans in the future. This will help you select the best and most suitable office space!