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If you’re beginning to look for a new warehouse, office space, or any commercial building, you might wonder if hiring a commercial real estate agent is a necessary step in the process. After all, you’re a business owner, so you should be able to negotiate a deal, right?

While it’s entirely possible to navigate through your commercial real estate venture’s solo, the truth is, commercial real estate deals can be much more nuanced than one might think. There is a lot of information you need to know when it comes to leasing or buying, in addition to all of the legal implications. To streamline your real estate transaction, hiring a commercial real estate agent is the best option.

What Does a Commercial Real Estate Agency Do?

Real estate agencies for both residential and commercial properties yield different expertise. They also work for different demographics. Residential agencies work with families or individuals and keep their daily lives in mind when finding a home. Whereas commercial agents solely focus on business. Choosing a residential property is a much different process than a commercial property, as many elements play into the commercial market.

The Benefits of Working With a Commercial Real Estate Agency

Because finding and negotiating commercial properties is an intricate process, it is the job of the commercial real estate agent to do the hard work for you. Here are some of the key benefits of working with a professional commercial real estate agency.

They Are Licensed Realtors

Like residential real estate, commercial real estate brokers are required to have a real estate license. This means they are legally allowed to conduct real estate transactions.

They Know The Local Markets

Every market has its differences. It is the job of an agent to be on top of all local market trends. They will have access to data and spaces that have likely not been advertised on the market yet. They also know whether the price of a location is fair and if there is an opportunity to negotiate for a better price.

They Have Access To More Commercial Property Listings

Residential real estate services have centralized listings, whereas commercial real estate deals are listed on many platforms. For business owners, this can make it more difficult to research available listings. However, an agent will have access to listings on every platform.

They Do The Connections With Property Owners And Managers

Working with an experienced commercial real estate agent means you don’t need to deal with the hassle of making calls and connecting with property managers while still running your business. Your agent will schedule tours and meetings, look into city-zoning regulations, and pretty much all of the administrative work that goes into moving into a new commercial property.

They Will Do The Closing And Negotiating

Working with a commercial real estate agent in means you don’t need to do the negotiating. An experienced agent will be able to negotiate contracts and prices for you, so you can ensure to get a fairly priced property.

The Client’s Interest Is Their Priority

Commercial real estate agents know just how important representation is when it comes to their clients. There will be no conflict of interest.

They Will Manage Your Real Estate Lease

Your agent will manage your lease for as long as you are in it. This ensures that you won’t miss important information regarding dates, deadlines, or changes to an agreement. They can also help re-negotiate a lease when that time comes.

You Will Save Time And Money

While the terms “hiring” and “more money” in the same sentence may sound counterintuitive, hiring a real estate agent can save you money down the road. Agents will find properties that fit your needs perfectly. This gives you time to do your business as usual. Likewise, if you are a seller or a landlord, you can also benefit from the services provided by a commercial real estate agent. They will find you qualified leads, market the property aggressively, and schedule all tours and other meetings on their behalf.

As they say, time is money, and it is your most valuable resource. Working with an expert commercial real estate agent can save you thousands of dollars on your lease and purchases.

No matter what side of the transaction you’re on, working with an experienced commercial real estate agent will make the experience much easier and beneficial. Contact us today to learn more about our Eden Prairie real estate service!