New Lease Completed in Eden Prairie

We are pleased to announce a lease transaction with Residential Heating and Air Conditioning completed recently. Joe Smith with Summerhill Commercial Real Estate, LLC represented the Landlord on this direct deal. Residential Heating and Airconditioning has been providing heating and air conditioning installation, sales and service in the Minneapolis area and surrounding suburbs for 25 years serving over 35,000 customers.

Residential Heating and Air originally contacted Joe in spring 2019 inquiring about a space Joe was marketing for lease at East Eden II. The prospective tenant was out looking for a new, more modern location, than the one they were currently in which was in Minneapolis. They had been in their former space for nearly 2 decades.

The potential space Joe showed them at 7454 Washington Avenue South had been recently vacated by a construction company that been there for a number of years. Joe showed Residential Heating and Air the space 3 or 4 times, and was able to negotiate a term lease transaction pretty quickly, then, the new tenant had to make sure the new location was right for them before finally deciding to sign the lease, which they did. Although the new space didn’t have the level of visibility they would have ideally liked to have, the better functionality of the space, and the large warehouse sold them on it, and Joe was able to get the lease signed, and the new tenant in there in the required timeframe.