What Are the Benefits of an Open Office Layout?

open office

We all recognize the stereotypical office space. It includes bright overhead fluorescent lighting and cubicles that separate one another. The idea behind the traditional office space design is to enhance productivity by limiting distractions. However, as our workforce is evolving and new talent from younger generations steps in, there is a modern office design that is the antithesis of the “aisles of cubicles” – an open office space. Why is this trend shaking up the status quo for offices nationwide? It’s because open office space layouts have many proven advantages. Here are the top five benefits of open space office layouts.

It Supports Collaboration

Humans are social creatures. How is it beneficial for them to be separated by cubicles? One of the most significant benefits of an open office plan is that it increases collaboration. This happens due to the productivity increase when there is thorough and more welcoming communication. When more people are working near each other in the same space, it allows for an open exchange of ideas.

Stronger Office Relationships Will Develop

An open office space helps build strong relationships between coworkers. While you don’t want everyone chatting too often about their weekend plans, allowing employees to feel comfortable sharing their personal life with others creates a welcoming environment. A cubicle, however, discourages the exchange of friendly banter as it promotes isolation. Employees are more approachable and open to engaging with their coworkers in an open environment. This helps put every employee on the same level as it cuts away the hierarchal structure of traditional office spaces.

It Can Work With Most Budgets

Choosing an open office space will save the company time and money. Because there are fewer walls and overhead that is necessary for closed office spaces, this frees up room in your budget for other office amenities. There is a trend of repurposing older spaces and transforming them into state-of-the-art open floor plans. This can be a cheaper option than the traditional commercial buildings that have separate offices.

You’ll See Improved Occupational Health

Lurking and hunching over a computer all day can strain your health both mentally and physically. One great benefit of an open office plan is that it encourages movement. Some offices even have mobile office spaces to get people to move around and experience other parts of the office. Many open office places utilize natural lighting instead of relying on the flood of fluorescent lights. This can improve the mood of the employees by making the environment feel less traditional and more relaxing.

It’s Versatile and Adaptable for Future Designs

Perhaps one of the more surprising benefits of open office space is its ability to adapt to any future design. Trends come and go in interior design, and you’re likely to update your office sometime in the future. Since open offices are inspired by the furniture and layout of the amenities and desks, it doesn’t require extensive modifications such as tearing down cubicles and walls. This can help you keep your office space up-to-date with current trends, which will help retain your employees.

If you’re in the market to move your company into a better office, you should consider the benefits that come with open office spaces. It’s a simple change that yields positive results, creating a more productive and collaborative environment for all who work there.